The movie «No to War» tells the story of an old man who has been dreaming of becoming a colonel since he was a teenager. The film is based on the memories of the eight-year Iran- Iraq war and the Islamic Revolution in Iran from the perspective of Colonel Mohseni Pour. The film depicts the concerns and problems of the main character›s personal life along with reconstructed images.

NO TO WAR, The perspective of Colonel Mohseni Pour

No To War Movie

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Movie Producer

Amir Abbas Farhadi was born in Shiraz at September 1st, 1981, he is studied bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Gas Industry and Master’s degree in Public Management with a focus on Human Resources He is an artist who has worked in various fields such as writing, directing and filmmaking, singing and composing music, acting and theater, modeling, photography and film editing.

Movie Director

Fariborz Mohsenipour is an independent Iranian director who was born in 1990. He has a diploma in directing and acting. He has directed only one movie called “No to War” which is based on the memories of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war and the Islamic Revolution in Iran from the perspective of Colonel Mohseni Pour.

Some of his artistic activities include writing the book “60510”, directing the online series “Rex”, participating in the motivational program “Pod Zahra” and working as a photographer, filmmaker and editor.

Movie Distributer

Mohammad Mojadzadeh was born in Tehran and began his artistic activities at the age of ten at the School of Art and Literature affiliated with the Iran Broadcasting.

He studied in the technical field and began taking specialized art courses at the University Jihad of Tehran in 1991, continuing his studies under the supervision of professors of that time.

At the age of 28, he started making short and documentary films in Iran and abroad, participating in many reputable festivals with his short, documentary, and independent films.

In 2005, he traveled to the United States and completed an advanced course at the School of Art in Chicago while simultaneously completing a six-month course at Paramount Studios in various fields of cinema and obtained valid certificates.

He then migrated to Germany and lived there for 14 years while continuing his activities in various dramatic arts fields.

Currently, he is an independent distributor with his own company, distributing various films in most artistic genres and especially Iranian films to prestigious festivals around the world.